Kazunari Hara (@herablog)

- Tech Lead, Engineering Manager and Developer Experts (Web Performance) at CyberAgent, Inc

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I 😍 the Web.


CyberAgent, Inc (2008~)

- A lead of the one of the largest development teams (technical lead and management)

- A member of a management team (making technical decision)

- A lead of the dev recruiting team (planning and interviewing)


- Implement websites with the basic web languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript

- Make web apps with the modern stacks and frameworks such as TypeScript, React, Next.js, Firebase etc

- Architect various types of web sites/apps such as SSR/SSG/CSR/SPA/MPA, BFF (node.js), micro services etc

- Improve web performance with the browser standard features, cache strategy (CDN, HTTP Headers, Service Workers) and the monitoring tools

- Make accessible components with UI designers

- Improve developer experience with CI/CD, Storybook, lint/test etc.

- Management engineers to help them and to achieve the business goal

- Make technical strategy and its decision with the business team

Products (the latests)

Design System Spindle (2020~)

- A tech lead

- Make some tools such as a UI library and a text linter

- Write a guideline on system performance and user experience

- Maintain the design system with some stakeholders

- Tools (Slack, Figma, Asana, Miro, Firebase, TypeScript, React, CSS, Node.js)

Koe-No-Blog (2019~)

- A tech lead and a product manager

- Develop an accessible and performant web product with some cutting-edge technologies

- Tools (Slack, Sketch, Zeplin, Fastly, Firebase, LitElement, CSS, WebAssembly, Node.js)

Ameba Blog (2016~)

- A tech lead

- Replace some outdated technical stacks to the modern stacks and maintain it

- Make the efficient plans and negotiate it with some stakeholders

- Tools (Slack, Sketch, React, CSS, Node.js, Chef, Docker)